v. to supply with mechanical or electrical energy; to provide with a source of power

n. Ability to act or affect something strongly; might; vigour, energy; effectiveness

[adapted from the OED]

The power plant steams by the river bank.

Three tall funnels in a row, like a liner

stranded this unlikely length from sea.


This is the only remnant of the industry

that bustled on these flats a century ago –

the brickyards and boatyards,

the coal shafts that lanced lacustrine clay

until the banks above slumped,

slipped the houses they held

like a clumsy conjuror spilling a deck of cards.

[Alice Major, “Contemplating the City”]


Power may include: EY&P gravel pit, city gravel pit, coal, Ortona Armouries, Epcor


Thoughts on Form

There are plenty of conventional ways of mapping industry – usually maps colour-coded by sector, but those don’t exactly tell a story in the way we want. What alteration of the conventional form, or what new form, might shed greater light on the importance of power? As far as traditional maps go, I think this one is quite good, and the interactivity is a nice touch.

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