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  1. Ideas about Heather’s talk – context for writing.
    What is an acceptable entrance level into certain classes (i.e. English 10-1)? This is a morphing concept in classrooms today.
    How, in turn, does that shape the values of the classroom?
    How does a teacher’s experience in a) their own high school or university education and b) their previous time teaching in a different school affect the context they’re looking for?
    Rural vs. urban school contexts.
    Struggling to justify your own methods of teaching writing, especially as an early/first year teacher.
    Am I opening enough doors for my students? Am I giving them opportunities to express their struggles?
    The WRS 103 class sounds very Liberal Education-esque. The U of L should have something like this!

  2. Thoughts on Robin and Leah’s talk:

    Letting that writer’s voice come out (supplementary writing assignments).
    Character work, etc.
    Some things may seem time-consuming, but overall they are worth it!

  3. ‘Marijuana – The Debate Continues’ Text

    What we liked and valued:
    Passion for the subject.
    Lots of ideas to rationalize his/her point.
    Paragraph structure is strong, with a particular topic for each.
    Not simply negative rhetoric (i.e. people who hate marijuana are stupid), but talks about the benefits of marijuana.

    What we didn’t like or value:
    Spelling and grammar mistakes make it difficult to focus on the writer’s ideas – the misspellings and grammatical errors are difficult to look past.
    There are far too many ideas being given. It was challenging to try and link some sentences together.
    Lots of blanket statements without facts to prove them. When the writer says ‘statistics show,’ there are no actual statistics given.
    Some statements were contradictory to one another (“some arguments like marijuana use is increasing is falsely based” vs. “there has been a slight increase in marijuana use in the U.S.”)

  4. ‘Canyon’ Text

    What we liked and valued:
    Expressive, storytelling language in the first paragraph.

    What we didn’t like or value:
    No creativity or expressive language in the latter part of the text.
    No variety in sentences.

  5. Why are you here?

    – to discover ways to show students how to apply literacy to their future (university, college, trades, etc)
    – to give students as much literacy support as possible, especially if this may be the ‘end of the line’ with their ELA education (i.e.English 30-2)

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