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  1. From the writing on the wall


    Various strategies to determine what works best
    Practice, practice, practice!!!
    Work amongst all subject areas to incorporate subject specific reading and writing
    The need / necessity of space and time
    Link narrative to public writing
    Focus on process and practice
    Focus first on voice and then on “editing”
    Context is key – specificity and focus constraints can liberate
    Multidisciplinary writing
    Evaluating drafts!
    We aren’t being the best teachers we can be because we aren’t working together to create a full picture for students especially in junior and senior high.

  2. Nursing Paper Discussion

    Answered most questions outlined in the assignment
    Met criteria for a reflective scholarly essay

    Gave limited contrast between reality and media portrayal
    Did not define what nursing was in reality
    At times there was a lack of evidence for arguments
    Did not elaborate on solutions and give enough detail on these to be effective

    How could the assignment be improved:
    Ensure that the requirements of the assignment can be covered effectively by the page length parameters. Narrow focus of assignment or increase length.

  3. What is your context for writing?

    The end point assessment (diploma)
    Multiple contexts within the class (assessment, enjoyment ect.) set these up at start of year and explain to students what context they are writing for each assignment
    Context is communicated and identified using R.A.F.T. (role, audience, format and tone)
    Can be strictly determined by school administration and curriculum

    How does your context shape or constrain your classroom?

    Limits writing for enjoyment
    If a student is unclear about context for an assignment this leads to stress because they are unsure about expectations
    Without clarity in context many areas of student writing is negatively affected (theme, tone, clarity ect.)
    Narrowly defined context limits motivation for students as they have little control and input on what they are working on

  4. What do we value in writing?

    Connecting the fact that writing is an opportunity to express what is going on in your mind with students
    Intrinsic motivation to write (students will write voluntarily)
    Students that accept the invitation to write (especially students that are discouraged by academics, assessment and only learn to write to graduate)
    Learning about students through writing
    Sharing about yourself with others through writing
    When students that are discouraged by writing find their voice and write voluntarily
    That writing can help the author organize thoughts, make connections and write for the purpose to understand (not just to communicate with others)
    That it is a safe method to discover what is true (even if there is no audience)

  5. List of things that are important in writing as discovered through the common observations two texts reviewed (As mentioned in final discussion with whole class)

    Links between all aspects of writing including content, audience and form

    Note: this list may need to be combined with another blogger at this workshop to ensure all observations are captured

  6. Why are you here for Alberta Writes?

    Knowledge on writing and writing assessment
    Understand what good writing looks like
    Understand role in broader context
    Hear educators speak their wisdom
    Become aware of capabilities of students and what is reasonable to push them to
    Professional development
    Relevant to work in classroom right now
    Techniques to get writing going
    How to know what level students are at
    Link context with writing and how different audiences changes the grammer, voice and style of writing
    How to teach complex ideas about voice and audience when mechanics are poor
    How to balance teaching to the diploma with proper mechanics with writing for the sake of writing
    How to deal with students afraid to share great ideas in writing because they are not confident with mechanics and afraid of critical assessment of this

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