Program for AB2


David Slomp & Roger Graves Writing across Contexts:  Teaching and assessing writing from a developmental perspective
Conversation 1:  Writing beyond schools
David Slomp How are the rhetorical situations in which you engage your students related to professional, civic and other kinds of writing in the world beyond schools?
Conversation 2:
Robin Bright What are the qualities that you value in your own writing?
Conversation 3:  Writing in educational contexts
Heather Graves What are the qualities that mark good writing in the contexts in which you teach and work?
Conversation 4:  Writing across contexts
Roger Graves What would you want teachers of writing in the contexts that precede and/or follow your context to know about your teaching of writing (goals, challenges, affordances)?
Conversation 5: Mapping the conversations
David Slomp & Roger Graves What themes emerged within and between the conversations that occurred today?  What gaps have become apparent through these conversations?  What implications for writing curricula and assessment practices might be drawn from these conversations?

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