Pipelines on Tour

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Upcoming presentations and conference attendance:

April 25-28 2013, Toronto ON, HASTAC 2013: The Storm of Progress (Cobb, Engel, Frizzera, Laforest, Luckert, Pedraça, Yu, Zwicker)

Recent presentations and conference attendance:

Nov 1-22, Edmonton AB, Rutherford Library Gallery, “Digital Maps, Literary Provocations, Urban Spaces” Group Exhibit. Curator: Maria Whiteman. (Cobb, Engel, Laforest, Luckert, Onita, Pedraça, Renwick, Sajecki, Smallwood, Whiteman, Yu, Zwicker)

Oct 17-19 2012, Portland, OR, North-American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) 2012 meeting “The Edmonton Pipelines Project: Living Together in the Digital City” (Engel, Yu)

Oct 5 2012, Edmonton AB, Dept of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Speaker’s Series, “Digital Maps, Narrative Provocations, and Urban Space” (Cobb)

Jul 2-7 2012, Paris, France, Crossroads 2012 in Cultural Studies Conference, “Living Together in the Digital City” (Cobb, Engel, Laforest, Luckert, Yu, Zwicker)

Apr 16 2012, Edmonton AB, University of Alberta Digitization Day, “Turning ‘Space’ into ‘Place’: Historical maps in a Google-ized world” (Engel) pdf program

Feb 10 2012, Edmonton AB, Canadian Literature Centre Research Symposium: Canadian Writing and the Digital Turn, “The Edmonton Pipelines Project: Collective Digital Maps for Unsuspected Urban Narratives” (Zwicker, Luckert, Laforest, Engel)

Jan 15 2012, Edmonton AB, Metropolis Festival (Beauvais, Cobb, Engel, Laforest, Luckert, Yu, Zwicker)

Jan 5-8 2012, Seattle WA, Modern Language Association Annual Meeting, “Building Mapping Digital Humanities in the Undergraduate Classroom: An Electronic Roundtable” (Engel, Zwicker)

Dec 12-13 2011, York University CCGES, Mapping Urban Spaces – Control, resistance and interventions. “Collective Digital Maps for Unsuspected Urban Narratives” (Engel, Laforest)

Oct 27-29 2011, Ryerson University, CWRC2: Canadian Women Writers (Space, Place, Play) “Edmonton Pipelines: Narrating Digital Urbanism” (Zwicker)

Oct 10-16 2011, New School, Mobility Shifts Summit (Zwicker)

Aug 22-26 2011, Montreal, International Association of Word & Image Studies Colloquium, “The Satellite, the Screen and the City” (Laforest)

May 25 2011, Banff Centre, “Introduction to Edmonton Pipelines” (Zwicker, Laforest, Engel, Cobb)

May 9-27, BRiC (Banff Research in Culture), Research Residency Program. Theme: “On the Commons” Guest Faculty: Pedro Reyes, Michael Hardt, Lauren Berlant.

Mar 7 2011, CIRCA (Canadian Institute for Research Computing in Arts, University of Alberta), “Digital Urbanism” (Zwicker, Laforest, Engel, Cobb)

Nov 3-5 2010, Barcelona, Mozilla Drumbeat Festival (Engel, Zwicker)